I grew up in Durban, South Africa, which has  a sub-tropical climate, lush vegetation, and a richly diverse cultural and ethnic population. This has inspired my love of bright, bold colour and pattern …. and its ability to energise and evoke emotion.

I love the tactile quality of acrylic and enjoy its diversity and versatility, as well as using it in combination with other media.  My latest paintings are created from several layers of acrylic paint, oil stick and pastel, to which I then add layers of coloured tissue paper which I cut out and add to the surface. I then relayer with paint and add more of the detail.  I used to do applique years ago and have really enjoyed working with the tissue.  I am also ispired by ethnic art, particularly the masks and carvings from Africa and Papua New Guinea. ..I love some of the aboriginal art, particularly the likes of  Sally Gabori and Kudditji Kngwarreye.

I studied art at school, immigrated to New Zealand in 1998, and began painting again in 2010 after attending an evening art course.  

I currently attend workshops with the well known abstract painter James Lawrence, and love bold use of colour and the interplay of light and texture in his work.