About Angela Maritz

Angela believes she was born to be an artist, her earliest memories revolve around an almost compulsive need to create, whether it be with paint or any other medium that allowed her child self to manifest expressions of the world around her which she found so fascinating. 

That fascination has never gone away, and now many years into her professional career as an artist, Angela still experiments with her medium, finding exquisite beauty in both raw, earthy, organic colour, as well as in the brilliance of a bright, powerful, and expressive palette. She is completely self-taught.

Her broad genre of work includes abstract floral studies, landscapes, wildlife and portraits. Many of these paintings are inspired from within, loose approximations of a vivid imagination, laid down on canvas whilst she embraces her senses with music in a delicate balance between person, motion and environment.

Angela’s work is exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand. She works with CAP (Canadian art prints) who publish and distribute her work worldwide.  She is also represented by Shinn Fine Art, they are based in the US, taking her work to large international art fairs, most recently New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Angela Maritz lives and works in the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, having moved there from her native country of South Africa in 2007.