All I ever wanted to be was an artist. Of course, life’s not that simple. So, before launching my career in 1999, I slung whiskey, taught wild and woolly adolescents and even did a stint in advertising. With a career spanning over twenty years, I have dabbled in almost every medium and experimented with many styles. Whether I am creating joyous illustrations with oil pastels and collage or icon driven abstracts, I am driven by a love of good design and composition.

It’s funny to me how as artists we change, yet we often remain true to our core design sensibility. My new body of work consists of stylized landscapes – still they harken back to my earlier “character” pieces and even my recent forays into the abstract. There is a prevalent linear quality to my work – my strongest suit having always been composition and balance. The driving theme of the landscapes is palette and rhythm.

I began my career doing art fairs in the USA – including the prestigious Cherry Creek Art Fair, the Bellevue Museum Art Show and many others. I travelled the country selling my work and it was fabulous. I also worked at the Glassell School of Art in Houston managing the printmaking studio. In 2008 I moved to Nelson and opened Mockingbird Studio. My work now hangs throughout the world. It can be seen in several childrens’ hospitals including Hermann Memorial in Houston, Texas and the Dallas Children’s Hospital.

Being an artist is a dream come true. I adore the creative process. While I have several recognizable core styles, I love stretching myself and growing. Being an artist is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. It is a world view of reveling in all that is beautiful, capturing the glory of colour and space. It is living with your eyes wide open and sharing the magic with others.