Alistair McDonald


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Shakespear Park
Waiheke Island

About Alistair McDonald

Alistair McDonald is known for his colourful expressionist landscapes. For him, our young New Zealand landscape is very much alive - earthquakes, volcanoes and floods moving it about occasionally without notice; wind, tides and rain wearing it down; and we humans buzzing around on top trying to make sense of it all.

Alistair's aim is to convert scenes that he sees as identifiably "New Zealand" into a "parallel reality of equal intensity" (Giacometti) - same but different, fresh and not quite expected, always positive and enthusiastic in colour and with a suggestion of movement to reflect how the land evolved. A purchaser once commented that his landscapes appear to be breathing - perfect!   
His practise includes painting (oils and acrylics); illustration and cartooning (including a graphic novel); sculpting (wood, Oamaru stone, mixed media); and stained glass. He is also well known for his ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) style paintings where he has imagined how Hiroshige and Hokusai (the Great Wave) may have shown views of modern Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Wanaka, Sydney, Melbourne and Taranaki if they were alive today

Alistair lives at Bottle Creek on the Pauatahanui arm of Porirua Harbour, 30km north of Wellington.