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About Brooke McIvor

Brooke McIvor is an Auckland based artist who predominantly specializes in detailed oil paintings.

In 2010 Brooke graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam, Auckland University. In her final year she was awarded a Senior Art Prize as well as The Main Art Prize for her oil paintings.

In 2014 Brooke studied in Florence, Italy, at The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci; where she studied Ancient Painting Techniques and nude drawing.

Throughout Brooke’s body of work she explores concepts of the passing of time and the transient nature of life. Particularly since her travels overseas she has developed a passion for the Dutch Masters and Vanitas Still Life paintings. A Vanitas artwork was painted to remind  the viewer of the time to consider morality and repent; time is always passing and life is fragile; worldly pleasures and good are worthless. A collection of rather sobering objects were chosen to symbolize this, such as draining hour glasses, spoiled fruits, extinguished candles and pocket watches.

Brooke paints her still lives in rich jewel tones and shows elaborate floral bouquets blooming and wilting, half eaten decadent chocolate cakes and jellies, pearls and jeweled bracelets thrown carelessly into the cake. Instead of the rather heavy and sobering reminders of a memento mori or Vanitas painting of the 17th C,  Brooke wants her scenes to remind the viewer to stay present and be mindful of the delicate beauty all around us; to appreciate a blooming tulip, it is even more beautiful because we know its petals will fall and new bulbs will soon grow.