Crispin Korschen

To be an artist is to try and reach across the divide and connect. We all experience joy and love and that beautiful poignancy that makes us human. If my paintings can evoke a feeling in you that says “yes I too have felt that” then I am happy.

Sweetness of solitude

Crispin Korschen initially trained as an illustrator but has been a full time exhibiting artist for over twenty years. Having had a break from painting for five years she has returned with new enthusiasm and fresh eyes.

Her work is characterised by colour and a creative abundance. Her layering of forms and colour provoke a sense of familiarity and otherworldliness at the same time. As an established artist, she has explored many themes and is still driven by a curiosity to explore the human condition through botanical imagery and vast skies, evoking nostalgia and delight. Crispin is currently living in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Inhabiting a place with panoramas of water, expansive skies and evocative islands has resulted in the inspiration for her current works.

She has had many sell-out solo exhibitions and her work can be found in many New Zealand and overseas private collections.


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