Donna O'Donoghue

Silent Light

Born in Rotorua, Donna spent several years overseas before returning home to Taranaki in 2008.

A self-taught artist, Donna works out of her New Plymouth studio with a window view of stoic Mount Taranaki who watches over her every creation.

Donna abstract works, mixed media are created with resin.  The abstract oceans “scapes” are created layer by layer building up to a stunning image with incredible depth.  Her love affair with resin began over a decade ago and she gets joy from creating works from this versatile and exciting medium where no two pieces are ever the same.

Donna’s work focuses on surrealism and fantasy, and often has an inherent sense of fun born out of her enjoyment of creating art and approaching the task of creating as ‘play’.

For Donna the most important aspects in art are originality, beauty and enjoyment. This is reflected in her photo surrealism works which combine two ordinary elements to portray an imagined scene that emits a sense of whimsy, fantasy, and often a sense of humour. 

Donna’s work has been shown in art shows around the country and a select number of works are shown in local galleries.

Thoughtful, beautiful and sometimes quirky, Donna loves creating art that brings enjoyment to all that view it.


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