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Ki te Ao Maarama

About Chiaroni

An Artist

Chiaroni is passionate about acknowledging and celebrating identity and having pride in who we are and where we are from. As an artist Chiaroni speaks through his paintings, inspiring and empowering others. Chiaroni’s unique work is conceived and created to evoke emotion in the viewer in a contemporary and beautiful way.
Today Chiaroni has expanded his personal quest to use his work as a platform to tell stories and drive social change; to embrace and rejoice our heritage.
“Art is a very powerful way to communicate and I feel blessed to have a talent that can be a tool in driving social discourse and inspiring conversation and passion from my audience”.

The Work

Many thin layers of pigment and transparent glazing, carefully mixed tones and skillful use of different brushes are used to achieve the true to life feeling in these works. The emotion that is captured belies many years of toil and determination, experiment and frustration, without which this work would not be possible.
The fresh, innovative quality of Chiaroni’s work is a testament to this process.
“I trained as a jeweller and without any formal education in painting. My journey in this medium has been made alone. The resulting achievements reflect my passion and commitment as much as what some people refer to as a natural ability handed down to me by my ancestors”.