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About Jane Gray

Jane Gray has been painting professionally since 1983 – during this time she furthered her art education at the Slade University, London, taught all art classes at Hereworth School, Havelock North for 8 years, and also took private lessons for children and adults from her home.

Her intense primary colour palette reflects the Hawke’s Bay environment where she spent a great deal of time and she finds the area a great source for ideas and subject matter.

 Taking a great interest in people and their social behaviour, Jane’s work is often based around social activities, such as concerts, ballet, wine tours etc. The characters she portrays are captured with brisk brushstrokes and vivid colour. There is a sense of movement and action in almost all of her work.  With the return to oil as her choice of medium detail of facial expressions is now evident in the works.

Residing in the Hawkes Bay is ideal for Jane’s subject matter with the quality of light and life reflected in the vibrancy of her work. Her characteristic style is usually on a large scale using linear fluency and broadly applied colour – exuberating is the major key followed by a minor introspective note – veiled layers describing mood and atmosphere.

Jane’s paintings are most often on a large scale, with broadly applied colour, the background is usually linear, which concentrates the attention to the fore. Jane describes her work as veiled layers of mood and atmosphere with a minor introspective note. Her personal style is unique and engaging, her work remains popular throughout the country.

Jane Gray has enjoyed sell out exhibitions in New Zealand and the UK with numerous showings in press and magazine.

Graffiti Light boxes

Series 2 Jane Gray Lightboxes is influenced by the Graffiti art of Basquiat, of course, but possibly more by Julien Marinetti.

I first saw a Marinetti in Singapore where he has a gallery solely of his work as indeed he has in Paris and New York. I live with his bronze French Bull Dog who has proven to be a continual source of inspiration on this new journey of Graffiti Art.

These Perspex light boxes, with ply base are made by local artist Mark Lewington and I paint the interior, backwards. This is a slow process in which I try to retain the spontaneity of ‘graffiti’ as well as the scratches and splashes. The boxes are lit with a LED strip which can run continually for 15 years.