Kirily Taylor


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About Kirily Taylor

Kirily Taylor is a print maker and collage artist from Auckland. Kirily spent her childhood growing up in Melbourne, Australia and it was here where she fell in love with anything to do with art and creativity.

She was quite happy to spend many hours drawing, painting and getting lost in her own imagination. So it was only natural that her career was going to lead onto a creative path. Kirily trained as a graphic designer and over a span of 12 years she worked in advertising, brand identity, magazine and corporate design. It was during this time she also spent four years as a freelance designer in London. However a few years ago, Kirily decided it was time to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

Nature is her current under-lying theme explored throughout her artwork. The observations she records of the natural environment; colours, shapes and the intricacies of patterns are all incorporated into her artworks.

Her collages are made up of multiple layers of her own botanical and abstract prints which have been printed onto thin papers. When pasted together, the different layers peek through. It is through this process of layer upon layer, covering up and scraping away, that the art work starts to take form.

Since pursuing her art full-time, Kirily has been selected to exhibit for a number of group art shows throughout New Zealand.