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About Michael Freeman

Michael is an international award winning artist from New Zealand who has had a fascination with realism since childhood and his main medium is pastel. In his artwork he strives to create images that have greater depth and feeling than can be achieved with a photograph.

Michael is in the Master Circle of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS/MC), is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), and a Distinguished Artist of Pastel Artists of New Zealand (DPANZ), and has a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA).

Michael went to Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, to be a painter and left a product designer. However after a successful design career in 2010 he decided to return to his passion for painting.

Starting initially with acrylics, before discovering the wonderful medium of pastel – which suits his photo-realistic style and love of detail.

Michael’s subjects range from his current series of still life paintings featuring iconic New Zealand toys and objects, through - landscapes featuring old weathered sheds, barns, railway carriages, windows and doors, old locks, and farm animals (mainly cows) – all inspired from photographic trips along New Zealand's roads.



Make Your Mark!                                                                August                      2020
Pastel Society of Southern California (PSSC)
Online Show/Exhibition

2020 Pastel Society of America                                         July                           2020
48th Annual Exhibition: Enduring Brilliance!
Online Show

1st Place Scapes                                                              August                     2020
The Pastel Society of Australia
On-Line Annual Exhibition 2020

3rd Place Still Life                                                            August                     2020
The Pastel Society of Australia
On-Line Annual Exhibition 2020

Distinguished Member PANZ                                          July                          2020

SUPREME AWARD  (Unison Cup)                                  March                       2020
Pastel Artists of New Zealand
(PANZ) National Exhibition 2020

(Purely Pastel PANZ National Exhibition)

Butler Institute of America Exhibition                                  December                   2019Youngstown Ohio

2019 Pastel Society of America                                         July                             2019
47th Annual Exhibition: Enduring Brilliance!

Master Circle status with IAPS                                       June                            2019

The Maggie Price Award of Excellence                         June                            2019
in the 34th IAPS Juried Exhibition – The 2019  
IAPS Thirteenth Bienniel Convention,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

34th IAPS Tutors Exhibition – The 2019                            June                             2019 

IAPS Convention Pastel World Exhibition

SIGNATURE MEMBER  PSA                                            March                        2019 
Elected Signature Member of the
Pastel Society of America

Purely Pastel PANZ 18th National Exhibition                     March                         2019
Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford,  New Zealand

HONORABLE MENTION                                                  April                           2019 
Richeson75  Still Life & Floral                               
Online Exhibition - 'UFO's'

33rd IAPS Juried Exhibition – The 2018                           November                     2018
Web Show

HONORABLE MENTION                                                 October                       2018 
20th Annual Pastel 100 Competition 
In the Still Life + Floral Category

MERIT AWARD                                                                April                             2018
PANZ 2018 National Exhibition

(Purely Pastel PANZ National Exhibition)

BRONZE AWARD                                                           December                     2017
31st IAPS Juried Exhibition – 2017  
'The 2017 Web Show'      


Pastel Journal                                                                June                             2019 

8 Page Feature Article - A Realistic Approach


Richeson75  Still Life & Floral                                                                           2019 


Pastel Journal                                                                April                             2019