Terry Prince

Splendid Isolation

About Terry Prince

Whilst growing up, Terry spent much of his childhood at Huia and later the big surf beaches of West Coast Auckland.

He finds the grand scale, shapes and endless colour shifts of the West Coast beaches fascinating and derives great joy in trying to capture the often moody spiritual atmosphere he sees in them.

His work is in private collections and galleries in France, the UK, The United States, Canada, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

Terrry was taught by Garth Tapper and spent two years at Elam Extension, worked with Ted Dutch from 1961 on, also painted with and was mentored by Mike Yoffe and Jan Nigro.

“ A stand-out work amongst the landscape paintings. Capturing the vast openness of the Auckland west coast, the artist combines dry brush and masking techniques on the canvas to great effect. Confident compositional decisions turn our attention to the sky, an often over-looked element of landscape tradition.” -Andrew Rankin.