About Dawn Johnstone

Dawn Johnstone (b.1975) is a Zimbabwean born, New Zealand based visual artist and photographer. She grew up in Belgium and France, and later returned to Southern Africa where she completed her high schooling at The United World College in Swaziland, and later Speciss College in Zimbabwe. While in her final years at college, she attended the Peter Birch School of Art in Harare. She attended Unitec in Auckland, where in 2011 she completed her Certificate in Design and Visual Arts. In 2012, she continued in the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts program at Unitec before transferring to Whitecliffe College of Art and Design to complete her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. In 2013 she completed a year of stewardship at the Snowhite Gallery, which is run by the Department of Design and Visual Arts at Unitec, Auckland. She also completed an internship in 2014 at Uxbridge Creative Arts Centre in East Auckland, where she now volunteers on a weekly basis. Her passion of mixed media image making stems from her childhood travels and being on the move from one country to the next, well into her late teens. Her passion and curiosity for nature has been a driving force in her art making. “I remember walking through the forests that surrounded my junior school in Paris, often picking up leaves and bits of wood, looking under mushrooms, bluebells and buttercups. I was always picking up stones, sometimes filling bags at a time and bringing them home to look at” she says. Dawn is also a very keen photographer and often shoots behind the scenes on either music video sets or short film sets. Her latest shoot is being held later this year in Auckland, for a short film based in the 1840’sDawn lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she pursues her passion for image making through the use of digital photography and mixed media.