About Janet Mazenier

My paintings reflect my search for my unique artistic voice. I battle with looking past the distraction of the obvious, pushing to explore the quirky, the hidden. My paintbrush has led me on a search for new materials and techniques, combining the layering of art media, colour, texture, mark-making and intuition with layers of personal meaning and at times, humour.

I came to art-making following raising my children and a long business career. Once I retired my relentless need for physical expression has led me on a never-ending exploration of a new identity within my painting dialogue. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015, and have been practicing as a full-time artist since 2011. I am an invited member of an artist collective based in the United States (https://www.opusart.work/). My work is held in private collections in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

My studio is based at home, in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.