About Kit MacGregor

Kit Macgregor was born in Dunedin in 1953 where he was raised by a father who was an art lecturer, and mother who was a poet. Kit’s early artistic inclination was confirmed at age 10 when he won a book jacket design competition.  While a student at Teachers’ College in Dunedin he gained top marks in art under tutor Muru Walters, and in more recent years he has studied under Lindsay Crooks, and Gary McMillan.

In 1999 Kit won the Otago Art Society Award, and in November 2007 he was awarded second place in the inaugural City of Dunedin Art Award, judged by Marshall Seifert. 

In 2009 he had an exhibition at the Forrester Gallery Oamaru, North Otago’s public gallery. Won the North Otago Biennial Art Award.

Kit says he’s “a bit of a fringe dweller” and tends to see the world as “utterly ridiculous but sometimes very amusing”. He is very interested in “form so my paintings often are quite sculptural. I am something of a frustrated sculptor.”

Although he has had to work at other jobs to make a living he says he “couldn’t live without painting or doing some form of art work”.

“My work has so far been quite representational, even realistic, but I am never satisfied. When I started painting I thought I would be very happy when I got to where I am now. However, I find the more I know the more I yearn for change, for new exploration”.