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Graeme Smallfield

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Art has always been at the heart of what I do – as a retoucher, digital special effects artist, photographer and now painter.

I started out using brushes and dyes retouching colour transparency film until the world of digital photography took hold. I have now gone full circle, returning to my brushes, this time with oil as the medium using Atelier techniques originally developed by the Old Masters.

I have enjoyed International success and recognition as a retoucher and special effects artist having my work featured in many global award winning advertising campaigns, a published NZ stamp, a published childrens book and the iconic Anne Geddes baby images. I have won a number of awards as a photographer and really enjoyed the greater freedom that gave me.

But as an artist, that wasn’t really enough and it is finally, using oils, I believe I have found a new creative medium and direction. It has taken several years and some experimentation to find my style and niche – many pieces taking months of work to bring to life. This is where my real joy as an artist now lies and where I want to take my life’s work – I hope you take a moment to enjoy the journey with me.