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Alone Together I



Beverly Frost

acrylic on canvas

700mm diameter


Commissioned for Socially Distanced Yet Creatively Connected, an exhibition in response to the global pandemic and inspired by our collective experience of lockdown.

Artist's statement:

This symbolic post covid original is a reflectionof the thoughts I experienced walking around my neighbourhood during what will always remain a most surreal time in history.  What struck me the most were the individual homes in my local streets as I walked each day (with my two black labradors). Each home had it’s own life going on behind the fences; it intrigued me everyday the stories behind those fences. We were all experiencing the lockdown as a whole, as a nation, as the world – but we were all alone either with our families or literally.

For me with my husband, it was a positive time full of creativityand sunshine but I was acutely aware that it wasn’t the same reality for many others. I was grateful for the time, the experience but I know others had a much harder time. I chose to represent the family units at Tamarillos (I use them a lot in my paintings) and I chose to use a round canvas as we constantly talked about “our bubbles”