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oil and mixed media on panel

1200 X 1400mm


My discovery process starts with my daily walks, and the observations made of the micro-worlds unearthed by our much loved, aged Labrador.  My drawings and paintings capture identifiable glimpses of daily life, the world that exists beneath, around, and above us.  My work plays with scale – taking and modifying drawings rendered during the Covid-19 quarantine period, and offsetting these within a painting’s construction, comprising oil paint and beeswax; my factoid drawings are reimagined in my painterly process, a mixture of abstraction and human identity, remaining tethered to our understanding of Nature, but also challenging what our minds acknowledge as a “picture.”


My works are on canvas, panel and paper and are created with combinations of oil paint, charcoal, marker pen, ink, pigment and cold wax medium (beeswax).  The large works include the beeswax medium to both create a textured ground and seal the dry media drawn surfaces.