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Kitchen Set



Bryce Brown

acrylic on canvas

framed size 800 x 395mm


Commissioned for Socially Distanced Yet Creatively Connected, an exhibition in response to the global pandemic and inspired by our collective experience of lockdown.

Artist's statement:

The teapot and moka pot are mine, these are continuous line drawings (once you start the drawing the pencil must remain connected to the canvas until finished) then painted. The egg beater is my mum's, drawn more traditionally onto the canvas then painted.

I feel this piece is perfect for the show as these were everyday items used A LOT during lockdown and the fun and colourful nature of these paintings was the perfect uplift during an otherwise uncertain and slightly dreary time. 

I also began (still to complete) a 2 x 6 foot painting of the moka pot line drawings (80 or so). A bit crazy but the challenge is enjoyable. That one's on hold for other work. Hopefully it won't take another lockdown to finish it!