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The Study In Time (collection of 4 studies)



Matt Griffin

oil on canvas

each study: 400 x 500mm


The Study In Time

Collection of 4 x Paintings
This collection of paintings invites you to comment on your personal concept of time and the subsequent value this places on art, alongside that of the artist's.
In a world where contemporary art encapsulates anything from taping a banana to a wall, to an art work that has been years in the making; how do you determine the value of a single piece and what does the role of time have to play in it?
Time is absolutely a key factor in valuing an art work. It takes into consideration the time spent physically creating the work, as well as the years before its creation; where the skill, the concept and the artist's unique style were developed.
Aspects of an art work such as proportion, colour matching, blending, layering, attention to detail, perspective and the art of patience are just some of the fundamentals that Matt Griffin sees as valuable in his art. Through these four studies, which come together as a collection and commentary on time-in-art, Matt uses time as a tool to separate the aspects he sees as determining value - limiting the time he has spent creating each study of the same subject to explore how time might impact the quality and potentially the value of each work.
Each oil study is painted in double the amount of time than its predecessor. With each study in the collection exploring the same subject, painted to the same size and touched by the hand of the same artist; can the first study be valued at the same as the last? Is it the concept behind the collection that you place your value on? Is it the hand of the artist and the development of their practice? Or is it the time and effort put into the piece you see in front of you?
Through The  Study in Time Matt invites you to study his art and to challenge how you perceive and internalise its value, and the wider value of all art. What do you think?