Adele Souster


About Adele Souster

Adele grew up on the Coromadel Coast and graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design from Auckland Technical Institute, after which she worked as an Art Director and Designer in the Advertising and Publishing Industries. Having lived and worked in Sydney for many years, Adele returned to New Zealand, then in 2002 began painting full time. Contemporary Realism best describes her painting style. Working only in oils, Adele’s paintings capture a moment of light and atmosphere, and by adding detail, make the viewer feel they are actually there. The moment is gone in an instant, but the image left on the canvas leaves us with a feeling of place and timelessness. Each new painting brings new challenges, representing the places visited and the impressions that they have left upon her. Always with the view of returning to these places, but excited about what is waiting around the next corner, her paintings represent North and South Island locations. While wishing to consolidate her present work, Adele is mindful that there are other directions and styles of art yet to persue. Represented by galleries throughout New Zealand, Adele’s work can be found in Private and Commercial collections here and overseas.