Anna Victoria


About Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria


Emerging artist Anna Victoria moved to Auckland from London in 2016, continuing her career within the creative industry. Anna has always followed an artistic path yet only recently found a medium and style of her own that she has decided to pursue seriously.


As one of the world’s very few ‘PowerPoint artists’, Anna uses the common digital presentation software to slowly build unique visuals from a limited toolkit of shapes. She was driven to this experimentation during New Zealand’s first lockdown, when she was without access to her other materials and digital tools.


Her current subject is architecture, with an emphasis on heritage buildings that she can find and study locally. She likes to research each building deeply before rebuilding them in her own way; simplifying lines, enhancing symmetry and choosing soft, complementary tones.


As PowerPoint has been made for screen, not print, much trial and error has gone into translating her digital art into its physical form. The result is a series of limited edition giclee prints on archival quality paper.


Anna loves hearing the stories and memories that her prints often provoke; the meaningful connections people have with places. She continues to expand her collection, searching for interesting and inspiring architecture wherever she goes.