Jane Puckey


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About Jane Puckey

Jane is a celebrated contemporary landscape painter and has been selling her original paintings and prints for over 25 years. When she paints. Jane says the more she can remember what it was like to be in the present moment amidst the land she is painting - the more such aliveness comes through onto the canvas. Allowing abstraction to freely arise within structure, and meaning that enjoyable and unexpected forms have appeared within her recent paintings.

She was selected as one of New Zealand’s favourite artists, in particular for her paintings of Northland. This land of exceptional natural beauty is significant & meaningful to Jane, as her family has lived in the Bay of Islands for generations - settling in the area in the early 1800s. Her inspiration to paint arises from the clear blue skies, ever changing hues of the sea, and the deep colours lying within the forms of the land – all of which provide a play of contrast in New Zealand’s brilliant light.