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About Jenni Stringleman

Jenni’s bright, textured and complex oil paintings often portray a view of life as if seen through a kaleidoscope, reflecting her deep connection to cubism and expressionism, with a palette uniquely influenced by a life in the subtropical north of New Zealand.

“I get a huge thrill from pushing paint around, and this has to led me to explore a mix of thick oils, and semi-transparent washes of colour, high detail combined with gestural strokes”.

Jenni's recent floral pieces are responding to her figurative work where charcoal sketches are rotated, overdrawn, erased, and transformed with brayers and solvents, enabling slabs of flat colour to obscure and reveal. This practice has, in turn, lead to the discovery of butter-soft oil sticks which reflect Jenni's earlier careers in graphic design and animation.

Jenni is a full-time artist and lives in Devonport, Auckland. She has had four solo shows and multiple group shows throughout her art career.

Jenni’s vibrant work can be found in various collections throughout New Zealand and overseas.