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About Linda McFetridge

Linda grew up on the Taranaki coast, dancing on a dairy farm. After completing her psychology degree, Linda worked many years in the performing arts industry as a performer and choreographer, and eventually found herself working in the film and screen industry in Auckland. Working with images through the camera lead a natural progression from performing arts to a visual arts. 

Negative space, perception point, movement and light became the basis of her work as an artist. She enjoys finding the beauty or interesting elements in objects that are often over looked or seldom celebrated. 

Playing with new concepts and self taught techniques, Linda’s style of painting has evolved over the years reflecting strongly the influences of her past. Her recent series of work explores the way paint behaves with different levels viscosity, using movement in a playful and fluid manner which has resulted in a more abstract and organic suite of works.

“Distorted and abstract, yet we search for familiar and identifiable structures, as our brain attempts to provide an explanation or story to what is perceived”

Artist Statement

Pareidolia, the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. It’s the way my brain processes information, the way I see, and the way I create. My work is an interaction with the audience enabling them to understand and experience their own pareidolic illusion. It allows an individual discovery of imagery, emotion and story base on their own unique experiences and past in turn effecting their perception.