Matt Griffin


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About Matt Griffin

Matthew Griffin is a full-time, self-taught realism artist born and raised in Auckland. He specialises in the medium of charcoal, and has recently developed skills using aerosol and oil paint.

Matthew centres his ideas around composition and bringing out emotion in people and animal portraits. He has had a strong passion for the animal kingdom from a young age, in particular ‘The Big Five’, and has since developed a high-interest in endangered species around the world.

People portraits hold the majority of Matthew’s portfolio, in particular the woman entity. 

The demand for the female presence on the walls of his collectors compliments Matthew’s curiosity to find such a vast delivery of emotion and excitement through the female character.

“My process is one of intricacy and patience. Through years of practice I have developed skills with a pencil and consequently evolved patience and attention to detail to the paper or canvas.”

He exhibited a solo show in 2017 six months prior to completing his Bachelor of Structural Engineering and later that year, he entered the Cliftons Art Award of which he won.

After choosing to become a full-time artist upon graduation, he received a Merit Award at the 2018  Parkin Drawing Prize in Wellington for a large charcoal Maori-inspired piece of which was also nominated by the public to receive the People’s Choice Award.