Paula Petherick

Roses and Ivy

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About Paula Petherick

Paula is a fine art photographer who uses multiple layers of texture and still life composition to create works with a painterly quality. By photographing and
layering the different elements of the image individually, the finished work combines varying viewpoints and lighting elements.

Having travelled widely, Paula developed her style during her years overseas. She and is greatly inspired by the works of the Dutch Masters and the early European Masters, with their use of light and drama.

Paula regularly exhibits in a range of Artshows across New Zealand. She was named as one of the top ten emergent artists of the year by the New
Zealand Artshow 2019, top ten artist award by Auckland Artshow 2020, selected by Urban Art Foundation in 2020.

The idea of breaking free from years of traditional photography was the key to creativity.

“Photography has always my passion. Framing objects within a lens is very much like placing flowers in a vase – it isolates them from their surroundings, transforming them into colour, form and texture. It is obsessive. Now I use photography three dimensionally as I layer and collate imagery, this has opened up a window into a whole new world of creativity. ”