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About Sarah Paulin

I have painted intermittently throughout my life while working as an airline cabin crew. Through my love of flowers, I decided to re-train as a florist working for many years in my local community. In a well merchandised florist shop, it is always so beautiful and impressive to see a layered wall fashioned with a variety of fresh flowers. When walking through the door one is almost enveloped by them.  Line, form and colour interact in an artificial environment along with ornamental items to create maximum impact.  This ignited the creative intention within me and I started to think how I could translate this to canvas.

I often use flowers from my garden or I will forage around the neighbourhood. Purchasing from the flower market is the next best option for non-seasonal blooms.

My husband Simon Williams, who is a well regarded New Zealand landscape painter, has been a strong influence on my art and the creative process of painting.

 I have traveled extensively both here in New Zealand and overseas and I embrace and appreciate the abundance seen through our landscape, indigenous nature, clear waters and the sharp southern hemisphere light.

My painting points to my own personal style, no great angst, it just represents enjoyment in what I do and the ephemeral beauty of nature