Sierra Roberts

Flora, Flora

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Rosa with Peonies

About Sierra Roberts

Twenty nine year old Wānaka- based artist Sierra Roberts centres her practise around perceptions of beauty and the female experience.

Celebrating differences and finding ways to establish aspects of similarity, Sierra firmly believes that we are all connected. Her personal travels and life experiences from the temples of Nepal to exploring the altiplano regions of the Andes, to working in the Alaska Ranges, Sierra illustrates her fascination of the female experience across all cultures using her highly technical skill.

Often portraying her subjects with glassy eyes, her portraits reveal a sensitivity to the emotions of the people she captures in paint. The identity of the subject and the reflection in the eyes is up to the beholder. Her highly colourful works in acrylic paint aim to push the possibilities and acceptance of the medium.

Sierra’s works are exhibited both nationally and internationally and have earned her a finalist position in the prestigious Biennial Adam’s Portrait Award and a Merit in the Tasman National Art awards. Her solo show in July last year selling out.