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Cinque Terre



Suzanne Wiggins

oil on canvas

1220 x 910mm


Commissioned for Socially Distanced Yet Creatively Connected, an exhibition in response to the global pandemic and inspired by our collective experience of lockdown.


Artist’s statement:

One of a group of five spectacular coastal villages, in the North West of Italy; painted after my late 2019 visit. Now this beautiful area with it’s warm and gentle people; sadly has been ravaged by the deadly Covid 19. Corniglia, my favourite is stunning with is vibrantly painted houses tumbling down the cliffs towards the azure sea. I feel deeply blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this unique part of our world.


About the Artist

Suzanne Wiggins

"The joy of expression – big swooping background moves of brush and paint over canvas, then careful respectful strokes for detail, letting the buttery paint slip and slide into the spaces it should fill. To create something visual is a powerful handmade and heartfelt experience.“

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