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Wilhelmiina Drummond

ceramic, driftwood, and spraypaint

500 x 360 x 310mm


Artist's statement:

Eternal depicts two ravens on a piece of driftwood. Both ravens have been spray painted and graffitied on. There are carvings on the wood they perch upon. “Hrafnagud” (old norse for Raven god) “H M Forever”, “ Forget Memory”, rune for Odins Ravens, rune Viska for wisdom and knowledge.

This piece came about from my complete love of ravens and my fascination towards the Norse mythology. 

I am particularly interested in the two ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin.

Odin is the Norse god of many things including war, death, wisdom, poetry, and the sky. He is the all-father of all gods and goddesses and is the ruler of Asgard.

It is said that Hugin and Munin flew out across the world at dawn to collect information for Odin and by breakfast time they had returned to his side. Odin was a Shaman god and like all shamans he could send out a spirit part of himself which manifested as the two ravens.

However doing so always presented a risk of the spirit part not finding its way back. Even the great All Father Odin was not exempt from this risk.

So I thought that even though it seems that the time of those ancient Gods is far gone, they, as eternal beings, still exist somewhere. Odin would have lost his way from his ravens and the ravens, forever together, wait for his return. They have waited for a thousand years. They have been painted on, graffitied on. They have changed as the world around them has changed and yet they remain the same. They are Hugin and Munin forever, they are Hrafnagud, the Raven God, they are of Odin, they are Eternal.


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About the Artist

Wilhelmiina Drummond