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Iso Mood V (lock down series)




Reclaimed wood
500 x 520mm

These two works are from a series called LOCKDOWN SERIES 25320201159, from a series of works created during the unprecedented Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

With thoughts slowed and headspace created, my mind moved to a blank canvas, a return to basics. The neutrality signifying a de-cluttering of both mind and practice.

Vertical lineage was carried through to wooden works. Wanting to make use of existing reclaimed materials from my garage, I cut and assembled creations using neutral, white tones but accenting with colours seen from the deck of my house every day, in particular, the colours of the sunrises. They are variations of each other, referencing off one another. All of the work created is repetitious and methodical reminiscent of the repetitive thought patterns of my head during this time.