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Miroir des mondes III (blue)



Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro


650 x 670mm (framed)


Commissioned for Socially Distanced Yet Creatively Connected, an exhibition in response to the global pandemic and inspired by our collective experience of lockdown.


Artist’s statement:

Miroir des mondes = mirror of worlds. Inspired by 2 different worlds represented in kanak culture by the world of the alive, and the world of the dead; like a parallel, a reflection, a mirror, its why you have one on the top and the other one upside down to mark/show the reflection, like a mirror.

It also can be interpreted by the 2 world during the lockdown : inside and out - or me stuck in NZ while my family was in NC.

About the Artist

Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro

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