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Queen 1:30




mixed media on boxed wooden board

595 x 795mm

A few years ago I started a series centred around the concept of the Shadow Life. I’ve been developing a theory that many of us (myself included) have been living these shadow lives, distracted by tech, avoiding our very human emotions, lacking compassion for ourselves and others. These works are about signalling that shallowness… that untapped potential. What could we become if we embraced our authentic inner self?
Fast forward to 2020. Pandemic is in full swing. When I was asked to put a piece into the 2020 Flagstaff Gallery group show, themed around the current world crisis, I thought these pieces could be relevant. Not because they are Covid-inspired (they aren’t), but because they hint at a universal truth that the pandemic is making even more obvious...
...We all have limited time - Let’s not waste it!