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Luminous Calm



Hollie O'Neill

Pigments and epoxy polymer on glass

600mm Disc


"Luminous Calm" is a representation of nature's serene beauty, painted on a circular canvas that symbolises the infinite and the whole, reflecting our search for a deeper connection with the cosmos. Starting from an inner core of sky blue, the colours flow seamlessly into cerulean blue, and then blend into aqua, with the outermost edge radiating an aqua-green glow. This soft yet vivid palette evokes the peaceful meeting of sea and sky, where the aqua depths embrace the cerulean heavens.

Through the interplay of luminosity and colour, the painting taps into our emotional responses, inviting viewers into a state of tranquil contemplation. "Luminous Calm" reflects a moment of perfect harmony in nature, urging us to find solitude andserenity in its infinite beauty. Its gentle, soothing colours convey a profound sense of peace,making it a conduit to tranquility and an emblem of our continual journey to understand the world and our place within it.


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About the Artist

Hollie O'Neill