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Hippos support each other



Gillie and Marc 


400 x 170 x 450 mm, 8.6 kgs


It can be a tough world in the wild so these hippos know they need to look out for each other. With water holes drying up, these two hippos help to make sure they find space in the water for both of them. When poachers come around, they help protect each other from them. They are tied to each other and will not let the other down. They only wish that the humans wouldn’t make their bond of love so difficult to protect. 


About the Artist

Gillie and Marc

"The joy of expression – big swooping background moves of brush and paint over canvas, then careful respectful strokes for detail, letting the buttery paint slip and slide into the spaces it should fill. To create something visual is a powerful handmade and heartfelt experience.“

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