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Sofia Minson

museum canvas print, edition of 95

840 x 1361mm


"This portrait of a young man with a bow tie and bowler hat fuses Western, Māori and Egyptian traditions together.

Horus is part of Sofia Minson's 2018 series of work entitled The Navigators. His form was inspired by dozens of 19th-century black and white photographs of Māori, pieced together to become something entirely new in the process.

The Victorian outfit is in stark contrast to his Moko Kanohi (face tattoo). Moko is an indelible link to whakapapa (lineage), going all the way back to cosmic origins.  

This man has great mana or dignity. He looks as though he has taken the pain and competing traditions of the past and created a new stable centre of Self for the future. This is a spiritual, alchemical evolution."