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Rangitoto Big Sky Aroha



Juliet Best

gold lead, acrylic inks, impasto and glazes on canvas

800 x 1260mm


Artist's statement:

Rangitoto Big Sky Aroha

Whenever I am in Auckland I love the big sky up there - the vast and beautiful sense of cloud and sky.

We have beautiful hills in Wellington and I love those too! However standing on the beach and looking out to Rangitoto fills me with such a sense of wonder and scale. In a beautiful city the size and complexity of Auckland I really feel the gaze out the island to be calming and restful with very little other than endless sky, sea and the stunning island...

This painting celebrates the large sky scale and beauty of that restful and contemplative vista, with Rangitoto holding the viewers gaze and then letting it gently wander off and be immersed in sky, cloud and sea...