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Connect #15



Philippa Bentley

acrylic on canvas with AR layer

350 x 255mm


Artist's statement:

This series of paintings is a reflection on our connection with nature. We are part of nature, not separate from it. Everything is interconnected. I am using the symbol of the snorkeller as one who is literally immersing themselves in the natural environment… and will discover a world of beauty there not visible from above.

The sea is alive.

This immersion is taken a step further through moving image layered in to the work through augmented reality. AR invites the viewer to interact with the artwork, connecting with it on another sensory level. 

About the Artist

Philippa Bentley

"The joy of expression – big swooping background moves of brush and paint over canvas, then careful respectful strokes for detail, letting the buttery paint slip and slide into the spaces it should fill. To create something visual is a powerful handmade and heartfelt experience.“