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Alone Together



Janice Napper

mixed media

700mm x 530mm


Commissioned for Socially Distanced Yet Creatively Connected, an exhibition in response to the global pandemic and inspired by our collective experience of lockdown.

Artist’s statement:

Alone Together signifies how both isolation and connection co-exist. The puzzle-people shows each of us as individuals but also how we are interconnected by community. Through the use of text I wanted to capture this distinct time in history

On the 25 March 2020 in response to a global pandemic our team of 5 million went into lockdown. PM Ardern announced war-like measures to combat a war-like threat. Panic buying began. Toilet paper flew off shelves. Alert levels swung into action, streets became deserted except for essential workers, the nation paused. Masks, handwashing, and sanitiser became common place. PPE was in short supply. Working and schooling from home became the new norm.  Families enjoyed hanging out in their bubbles; we were making sure we flattened the curve; breaking the chain and stopping Covid 19. We tuned in at 1pm daily for the Ashley Bloomfield Show; 2 metres apart entered our psyche; nature took a huge sigh of relief. New words entered our vocabulary…clusters, self-isolating, community transmission, asymptomatic, social distancing, patient zero, contact tracing, vaccine, quarantine, contactless delivery… We united in unprecedented ways to contain the virus. We went hard and we went early. Leaders encouraged us to be kind, stay connected, stay safe, save lives. Zoom meetings, online exhibitions and You-tube performances took centre stage. What now will our new world look like? How do we want it to look? Time to reflect, reinvent, reimagine, recover, regenerate, recalibrate…..Reboot.


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Janice Napper

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